Bird's Eye View Product Example


I’m so happy to have the window films.  They are pretty and were easy to install.The trick of using tape to open them was great!  Worked like a charm. We just put them up today, but we are hopeful that we will have no more birds crashing into the patio door.  Thanks.

P. D. Lunsford, Oklahoma City, OK (04/28/2017)

These films are amazing…we had a suicidal robin, it kept flying into the glass, again and again in the same spot, nothing stopped it…we even tried putting masking tape in big Xs on each pane!  But, these lovely transparent films made the bird stop…and no other bird came to try again.  Since these protectors are transparent, they don’t ruin our views from the living room, but, as stated in the materials on this site, the birds do see them and realize they’re not able to fly through.  I recommend these highly, and have already done so to my Facebook friends! Maybe I’ll take a picture soon and add it here!

Shoshana Ginzburg, Warwick, NY (03/29/2017)

Thank you!!!  I have tried sooo many different things to eliminate bird strikes.  Some have worked but none are as easy to apply as these are.  I live on a site that is NOT at all level and being to apply these decals from the inside makes all of the difference in the world.  And they work.  And they are affordable.  And they are attractive.  Again, thank you.

Gayle Pille, Burlington, KY (01/23/2017)

Saw your ad in Birds n’ Bloom earlier this year.  Thought this was a gift for EVERYONE!  Bought everyone on my Xmas list (30+) your decals.  If you have a window you need these.  I’m on a mission to save lots of birds this year.

Kerry Wilger, Port Washington, WI (12/14/2016)

I bought a set of six and installed them several months ago on the upper third of our sliding glass doors. Previously, we had repeated hits by pigeons and smaller birds. Since then, I’ve only heard one bird hit the glass—and seen no body prints from pigeons on the doors. Furthermore, they don’t interfere with the view of our bird-friendly backyard. Thank you, Birds Eye View!

Marcia Goodrich, Hancock, MI (11/12/2016)

We have had 2 - 6X6 window films on each sliding glass door that are near our bird feeders for the past year. No birds have flown into the glass as used to happen before. They were easy to install, look lovely, and solved the problem of birds flying into the doors. We are going to take down the year old ones and put up new ones as winter brings many more birds to our feeders and we want them to be safe. THANK YOU Artscape.

Anne F, Germantown, OH (10/31/2016)

I ordered these early enough to have them on my windows from the time the orioles and hummingbirds got here this Spring.  Have had no bird deaths this year at all!  I had been using tape for years and it was unsightly and didn’t always work—this product is attractive and easy to use.  I’m glad you ran an ad in Birds and Blooms!  Excellent product!

Pat Marlett, Menomonie, WI (09/07/2016)

Extremely easy to apply and look rather nice, to boot!  Have NOT had a bird fly into my window yet.  Highly recommend!!

Jill L, Oceanside, CA (06/04/2016)

I purposely waited about 6 months after purchasing to review these to see if they really do work - and they absolutely DO.  The look nice to us on the windows, and are obviously effective for the birds, so it’s a win-win situation.  We built a sunroom several years ago, and had problems with one window in particular.  Not the first strike since applying.

Janet Rash, Salisbury, NC (06/04/2016)

We got a set for our back windows and have not had any bird hits so far.The installation was really simple and these window films work great. We are going to do the rest of our windows just to make sure.

Robert George, Gainesville, TX (05/29/2016)

Placed four of the 6x6 clings on a patio window that that was the scene of numerous bird strikes, including at least one fatality. Since then, no more strikes so far. Cleaned window with vinegar/water solution (the best for glass) and wiped dry with newspaper. Misted window, applied clings and used credit card, as someone suggested, to squeegee out the water, and voila!
Highly recommend this inexpensive, yet effective product.
Nice customer sevice, also, in case you have any questions or want to place your order with a real sentient being.

K. Holland, Wilmington, NC (05/25/2016)

We have two on our window, sadly, two continuously fall off. I’ve washed the window, dried it completely and they still fall off.  Any suggestions.

Marcia Heckert, Wellington, OH (05/18/2016)

These really work and are so easy to apply to the windows. I’m so glad I found these. I’m sure they’re going to be a lifesaver for some of my feathered friends.

Michelle Downing (04/24/2016)

Unfortunately the Cardinal will not give up, he is constantly dive bombing our motorhome windows. It’s been 5 months, he sings beautifully but this goes on from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM. I know they’re territorial but this is awful, any suggestions?

Sandy, Davenport, FL (04/02/2016)


Mya Cheebs, Marlboro, NJ (03/21/2016)

Very nice product.  We have had quite a problem with birds hitting our window.  Installed the 6x6 window films and found them easy to install and they look nice.  So far, they are working.

Jim, Ogden, UT (02/20/2016)

Fast delivery.
Wish I saw the product earlier. Might be too late now for the bluebirds, their not coming onto the deck now. But we will see now that I took the cardboard down off my lakefront windows whether they come back. I like the look of the squares and love having my lakefront window views back.

Patricia Benn, Cedar Grove, TN (08/21/2015)

I love these!  They go on (and off) so easily and they are also very pretty.  I ordered myself a set and another set for a friend who was having birdstrike problems too!

Laura, San Diego, CA (08/12/2015)

We had an average of 1-2 birds hitting our windows per day and since we put the Bird’s Eye View window film on the windows, not one bird has crashed into the windows.  The nice thing is the application and they go on the inside of the windows—others ones that I have seen, have to be applied on the outside.  I would highly recommend these to any one.

Mary Schoenfeld, FOX LAKE, WI (08/08/2015)

Fantastic Product

This is my second set of Bird’s Eye View window film and I love both of them. I put these on some small windows near my front door. They fit perfectly and look really nice. Not only do they keep the pesky bluebird from knocking his head on the window, they also provide a bit more privacy. They couldn’t be simpler to install. You just clean your window, then spray it with water and place the sticker where you want it. I used a credit card to press out the air bubbles and a few minutes later the window is dry and the sticker is set. Since installing these on my back door and front window, the bluebird has been staying away and I feel like I’ve had pretty etched glass installed. This is a wonderful and useful product whether you use it to keep the birds away, to add some privacy, or to pretty up your windows. I highly recommend it.

Ferdy (07/09/2015)

These Really Work & They Look Great Doing It!

These are stunning and lovely and, most important of all, they really do seem to help the birds avoid the windows. I live in a forest and birds are crashing into my windows regularly. Since placing one of these in the center of each window the birds have not hit them once. These really work and they look great doing it. Highly recommended!

Stephen "rexGun" (07/06/2015)

Nice looking, easy to apply, and (expected to be) effective.

These are nice looking, are easy to stick up, and should save some bird lives! We live in the woods and get a lot of window collisions. We use dark plastic bird silhouette shapes on the windows and they help, but we still get occasional crashes. These Bird’s Eye View films claim to reflect UV light which the birds can see and also to reflect different colors when seen at different angles. That should be a lot better than the dark plastic shapes we use now, and which are hard to see from outside. It will be weeks before I can say whether they are effective at stopping bird collisions, but from the way they look from the outside and from the product maker’s claims about reflections, I do believe they’ll be effective.

Putting the 6” x 6” squares on the windows is easy—just clean the window, spray the window with water (I saw no need to use soap solution as instructed) or dampen the square, and press on the window (inside). They are easy to move around until positioned where you want.

My photo shows two squares (one in the sunlight and one in the shade) on a large cathedral style window. They look so nice my wife is going to order more for all of our windows that birds hit.

Robert (07/03/2015)

Saving our birds

We live in a glass house and have multiple bird feeders right outside our large picture windows. Even though we placed the feeders several feet away we were having a significant problem with birds flying into the windows causing us to feel terrible. We put 3 of these films in the center of each of the activity areas on the inside of the window. We have not had any birds hit since we applied them. These films are amazing and have a beautiful glass like design with very nice quality. The best part is they worked immediately.

We are thrilled!

Beachin' (06/12/2015)

Large, easy to apply, look great!

The Bird’s Eye View arrived and packaged as two separated 6 inch tiles and two that are connected. You are instructed to pull the tiles apart with tape after cleaning the windows thoroughly and spraying them with water that has a drop of soap in it. I sprayed my window with just water and applied the decals with the smooth side facing out. They stuck with no problem and stuck easily again when I had to move them.

They feel firmly applied to the window and look great! I’m convinced birds will see that there are barriers where they once thought was nothing.

Mark H 'Mark' (06/12/2015)

No Strikes After Applying!

We have twelve trees around the property (Texas Ebony, Polo Verde, Palm and Tipu) where various types of birds nest. The birds frequently slam into our vaulted ceiling windows located on three sides of the house, usually a couple times a week. Fortunately, none have been injured and/or died after slamming into the windows. When the opportunity to try the “Bird’s Eye View Window Deflector” film, the order was placed. Following specific pictorial instructions the translucent window film squares were applied. For those like me not familiar with the term “dichrolic glass effect” ( showing different colors when viewed from different directions, or more generally having different absorption coefficients for light polarized in different directions). Suggest following the application instructions to the letter for a neat/clean job. So far, to our surprise - no bird strikes after applying the deflectors on each side.

SpaceACadet "aar!" (06/14/2015)

Easy to Put Up, Decorative

The decals were very easy to apply. The hardest thing about application was removing the backing off the single decals. The six were packaged with one pair and the remaining four individually. The pair of decals were easy to bend and separate, but the individual decals were supposed to be removed by attaching tape and then pulling off the backing. We just worked off the corner and they peeled off readily. The decals are decorative and unobtrusive on the window. So far, no birds have bumped into it. Fingers are crossed.

Helen, Middleport, (04/01/2015)

Finally no more birds at my window!

I Can say this works. I placed in the center of my window in the kitchen. I have a problem with birds always attacking the glass there we can hear them from the other room. Well once this was in place I was like, naw they wont stop…Nope I was wrong they did! Thank you on that, I honestly thought before this they were going to break the glass one day. It also looks cute for us my kitchen is blue and yellow themed and so i am really happy all the way around. Easy to put up and works

Redz (06/13/2015)

Create your own design with these easy to apply squares

The picture on the web site is a little unclear. I thought it was simply one 4x4 square. Not so! You get 6 squares that you can use for your own design. So not only do they work, they give you a chance to be creative!
The frosted design is very pleasant and just obtrusive enough to make you know something is there, but not obnoxious. This is exactly what you want and quite a bit better than the traditional black “diving hawk” decal you usually see used as bird deflectors.
Application is super easy. I didn’t use a squeegee, I simply applied them and pressed them out with my hand. Worked just fine. The backing was tricky to get off, however, their suggestion of using a small piece of tape worked good for me.
Overall, I’m extremely pleased and looking forward to saving the neighborhood birds. No more sad days in the sun room after unfortunate bird strikes.

wxray, Raleigh, NC (06/03/2015)

Good for birds and for people!

I have a large sliding glass door leading to the backyard and occasionally (luckily, not too often) a bird flies into it. It just breaks my heart when I hear the sound of a bird hitting the glass. As bad as that is it’s not nearly as bad as people running into the door! When the door is shut it’s sometimes hard to see the glass and it’s way too easy to walk right into it. I have a cousin who once walked through a sliding glass door and was badly injured so I’m particularly aware of this problem. These stickers are a good solution to both of these concerns. The stickers (and I use that term lightly because they are really stickers) are four inches square and semi-transparent with an almost op-art style design. I say they aren’t stickers because they are vinyl sheets that stick easily to the window without adhesives so they can be removed or repositioned repeatedly without leaving any residue behind. When you want to remove one you just pick up a corner and pull it off. When I was applying them I removed and repositioned them several time before I got them where I wanted them.

I put them at eye level, spaced at even intervals across the glass door and they look great. The subtle design goes with almost any decor, but blends particularly well with my modern motif. I haven’t had them on long enough to gauge whether they are effective for birds, but I had a dinner party the other night and several people commented on how glad they were that the stickers were there when someone kept closing the door each time they went in or out.

Claire Jordan (06/14/2015)

Overall Great Product

We applied these on our sunroom windows that overlook the backyard where most of our bird feeders are. The design is like a frosted glass, which makes the design stand out more and I like how the design is more of an art design and not season specific, so they can look good year-round without being associated with a certain time or holiday. The small size and clear color of the product is also nice and doesn’t personally distract from viewing the birds in the backyard. Also, the instructions were easy to follow and the product easy to apply. I like that instead of adhesive, this product is more of a window cling, so they can be re-adjusted and re-applied.

Raine (06/22/2014)

6” by 6” and no glue, no residue, repositionable, and a great idea!

These are only 6” by 6” square (about the size of an open hand), so a large window will probably require more than one. They come in packs of 4.
They are a high quality window “cling.” No glue or sticky mess. You can peel it off any time you want, and reapply it with a little soap and water. Fantastic idea for privacy also.
You can’t see through these little squares well enough to make our what’s on the other side, which means they are doing their job. Birds won’t see their reflection either (which causes some birds to try and peck at their own image)

Slim (06/06/2015)

Stopped birds from hitting my windows

We are avid wild bird feeders in our back yard. Unfortunately the birds continually flew into our house windows, many with fatal results. Somewhere we heard about BirdsEyeView. These are non-adhesive stickers that are to prevent these “bird strikes”. We put them on the main windows that the birds hit. On a 5’x3’ window we put 4 small stickers down the center. Since then, in about four months time, we have had zero “strikes”. Great product, works perfectly.

Jeffrey "Fro" (03/05/2015)

Prevents birds from hitting my windows and looks pretty

I love this product! It works really well. Prevents birds from hitting my windows and I used it on my sliding glass doors. It works well with humans as well. The product is lovely.

Pilot B (05/28/2015)

Wow, you will love this product!

This has been extremely helpful and beautiful. I put this on my sliding glass door to prevent birds and humans from hitting the glass. It is really pretty.

'Four Stars!', Heart, AZ (05/06/2015)

These end bird hits

These really work. We had different decals on the window, with no reflection. We were having a bird hit almost every day. I couldn’t stand it because my feeders drew the birds to this window in the first place. Since we put these decals up on the window, we’ve had NO bird hits. I’m really pleased and grateful. They are non-obtrusive and do not block the light.

Ali (03/18/2015)

Easy to apply

Apply to clean windows when it is not really cold outside and installation will be easy. I got this to save the birds from a window in my den which they always fly into. No birds on the ground since placing it in the window. It is not obtrusive and does not interfere with looking out the window.

mbinny, Levittown, NY (02/08/2015)
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