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When You’re a Bird, the World Always Looks Psychedelic

Very interesting article just out describing how birds share a type of ‘super vision’ that makes their world look way more psychedelic than yours or mine due to seeing into the ultraviolet light range. How is it possible for birds to see ultraviolet? The human retina contains three types of photoreceptors, also known as cones, which allow us to distinguish red, yellow, and blue, and all their different combinations. Birds have these three types of cones as well, plus one more cone type that allows them to see ultraviolet. They also have colored oil droplets in their cones that act like special Instagram filters, allowing them to discern even more colors. Birds Eye View is effective because to birds, the film presents a bright blue glow spreading out in all directions across the window surface disrupting the reflection of habitat but to humans, it appears as a faint white geometric design. To read more visit the Audubon website.