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Our Recommended Online Bird Guides

There are several bird guides found online but two really stand out to us as being very easy to use, comprehensive, and also have a nice overall design. The first is found on the Audubon website ( We like how you can immediate select the Taxonomic Family and Region from drop down menu tabs at the top of the site. Once you locate the bird you are searching for, the page displays with beautiful photography along with maps and details such as feeding behavior, eggs, diet, nesting, migration, etc. As you would expect from Audubon, the bird illustrations are superb. The other bird guide site we think works well is found on the All About Birds website ( Similar to the Audubon site, you can begin your search by Taxonomy. What we really like however is you can also search by ‘Name and Shape’ which can be really useful, especially for those with a more graphical orientation. The All About Birds guide also has detailed information on each bird including a section below for ‘Similar Species’ with associated bird links. Both online guides are great and we’d like to hear from you too if there are some other bird guide sites we should be aware of and share!